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China Professional Spline Shaft for Reducer Gearbox

Product Description

Spline Shaft for Reducer Gearbox

1. Description

No. Item Description
1 Name Spline Shaft
2 Size Products can be customized.
3 Material 45#Steel,20CrMnTi,40Cr,20CrNiMo,20MnCr5,GCR15SiMn,42CrMo,2Cr13stainless steel,Nylon,Bakelite,Copper,Aluminium.etc
4 Production Process The main process is Spline Milling, Spline rolling and Spline Grinding, Selecting production process according to the different products.
5 Heat Treatment Carburizing and quenching ,High-frequency quenching,Nitriding, Hardening and tempering, Selecting heat treatment according to the different materials.
6 Testing Equipment Rockwell hardness tester 500RA, Double mesh instrument HD-200B & 3102,Gear measurement center instrument CNC3906T and other High precision detection equipments
7 Certification GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015
8 Usage Used in printing machine, cleaning machine, medical equipment, garden machine, construction machine, electric car, valve, forklift, transportation equipment and various gear reducers.etc
9 Package According to customer’s request


2. Photos  


3. Order process

a. Customer sends us the drawing or sample, If only sample, our company supply the CAD drawing.

b. Our company supplies the processing technique and quotation.

c. Our company supplies the sample after customer confirmed processing technique and quotation.

d. Customer places the order after confirm the sample.

e. Customer pay 50% deposit

f. Quantity production.

g. Pay the balance after the acceptance and confirmation.

h. Delivery.


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Application: Motor, Electric Cars, Motorcycle, Machinery, Marine, Agricultural Machinery, Motor, Electric Cars, Motorcycle, Machinery, Marine, Agricultural Machinery, Car
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface, Hardened Tooth Surface
Gear Position: Internal Gear, External Gear
Manufacturing Method: Sintered Gear, Gear Hobbing, Gear Shaping and Gear Grinding
Toothed Portion Shape: Spur Gear, Involute
Material: Stainless Steel, 45#Steel, 20crmnti, 40cr, 20CrNiMo, 20mncr5, Gcr15simn
US$ 31/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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spline shaft

What are the different types of spline profiles and their applications?

Spline profiles are used in various applications to transmit torque and motion between mating components. Here’s a detailed explanation of different spline profiles and their applications:

1. Involute Splines:

Involute splines have a trapezoidal tooth profile that allows for smooth engagement and disengagement. They are widely used in power transmission applications, such as automotive gearboxes, where high torque transmission is required. Involute splines provide excellent load distribution and can accommodate misalignment.

2. Straight Sided Splines:

Straight sided splines have straight-sided teeth that provide efficient torque transmission and high torsional stiffness. They are commonly used in applications where precise positioning is required, such as machine tools, robotics, and aerospace systems. Straight sided splines offer accurate motion control and are resistant to misalignment.

3. Serrations:

Serrations are a type of spline profile with multiple teeth in the form of parallel ridges and grooves. They are often used in applications that involve axial or linear motion, such as indexing mechanisms, clamping systems, or power tools. Serrations provide secure locking and positioning capabilities.

4. Helical Splines:

Helical splines have teeth that are helically shaped, similar to helical gears. They offer smooth and gradual tooth engagement, resulting in reduced noise and vibration. Helical splines are commonly used in applications that require high torque transmission and where quiet operation is critical, such as heavy machinery, industrial equipment, and automotive drivetrains.

5. Crowned Splines:

Crowned splines have a modified tooth profile with a slight curvature along the tooth length. This design helps distribute the load evenly across the tooth surfaces, reducing stress concentrations and improving load-carrying capacity. Crowned splines are used in applications where high load capacity and resistance to wear are essential, such as heavy-duty gearboxes, marine propulsion systems, or mining equipment.

6. Ball Splines:

Ball splines incorporate recirculating ball bearings within the spline nut and grooves on the shaft. This design enables linear motion with low friction and high precision. Ball splines are commonly used in applications that require smooth linear motion, such as CNC machines, robotics, or linear actuators.

7. Custom Splines:

In addition to the standard spline profiles mentioned above, custom spline profiles can be designed for specific applications based on unique requirements. Custom splines can be tailored to optimize torque transmission, load distribution, misalignment compensation, or other specific performance parameters.

The choice of spline profile depends on factors such as the magnitude of torque, required accuracy, misalignment tolerance, noise and vibration considerations, and environmental conditions. Engineers and designers carefully select the appropriate spline profile to ensure optimal performance and reliability in the intended application.

spline shaft

Can spline shafts be used in automotive applications, and if so, how?

Yes, spline shafts are extensively used in automotive applications due to their ability to transmit torque and provide reliable power transmission. Here’s how spline shafts are used in automotive applications:

Spline shafts play a crucial role in various automotive systems and components, including:

  • Drivetrain: Spline shafts are an integral part of the drivetrain system in vehicles. They transmit torque from the engine to the wheels, allowing the vehicle to move. Spline shafts are present in components such as the transmission, differential, and axle shafts. In manual transmissions, the spline shaft connects the transmission input shaft to the clutch disc, enabling power transfer from the engine. In automatic transmissions, spline shafts are used in the torque converter and the output shaft.
  • Steering System: Spline shafts are employed in the steering system to transmit torque from the steering wheel to the steering rack or gearbox. They provide a direct connection between the driver’s input and the movement of the wheels, allowing for steering control.
  • Power Take-Off (PTO) Systems: Some vehicles, particularly commercial trucks and agricultural machinery, utilize PTO systems. Spline shafts are used in PTOs to transfer power from the vehicle’s engine to auxiliary equipment, such as hydraulic pumps, generators, or agricultural implements.
  • Transfer Cases: In four-wheel-drive (4WD) or all-wheel-drive (AWD) vehicles, transfer cases are used to distribute power to the front and rear axles. Spline shafts are utilized in the transfer case to transfer torque between the transmission and the front and rear drive shafts.
  • Propeller Shafts: Spline shafts are present in propeller shafts, which transmit torque from the transmission or transfer case to the rear axle in rear-wheel-drive vehicles. They accommodate the relative movement between the transmission and the axle due to suspension travel.

In automotive applications, spline shafts are designed to withstand high torque loads, provide precise torque transmission, and accommodate misalignments and fluctuations in operating conditions. They are typically made from high-strength steel or alloy materials to ensure durability and resistance to wear. Proper lubrication is essential to minimize friction and ensure smooth operation.

The use of spline shafts in automotive applications allows for efficient power transmission, precise control, and reliable performance, contributing to the overall functionality and drivability of vehicles.

spline shaft

What are the advantages of using spline shafts in mechanical systems?

Using spline shafts in mechanical systems offers several advantages. Here’s a detailed explanation:

1. Torque Transmission:

Spline shafts provide efficient torque transmission between the driving and driven components. The interlocking splines ensure a secure and reliable transfer of rotational force, enabling the transmission of power and motion in mechanical systems.

2. Relative Movement Accommodation:

Spline shafts can accommodate relative movement between the driving and driven components. They allow axial, radial, and angular displacements, compensating for misalignments, thermal expansion, and vibrations. This flexibility helps to maintain proper engagement and minimize stress concentrations.

3. Load Distribution:

The splines on the shaft distribute the transmitted load across the entire engagement surface. This helps to reduce localized stresses and prevents premature wear or failure of the components. The load distribution capability of spline shafts contributes to the overall durability and longevity of the mechanical system.

4. Precise Positioning and Control:

Spline shafts enable precise positioning and control of mechanical components. The splines provide accurate rotational alignment, allowing for precise angular positioning and indexing. This is crucial in applications where precise control and synchronization of movements are required.

5. Interchangeability and Standardization:

Spline shafts are available in standardized designs and dimensions. This enables interchangeability between components and facilitates easier maintenance and replacement. Standardization also simplifies the design and manufacturing processes, reducing costs and lead times.

6. High Power Transmission Capacity:

Spline shafts are designed to withstand high torque loads. The interlocking splines provide a large contact area, distributing the transmitted torque across multiple teeth. This allows spline shafts to handle higher power transmission requirements, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications.

7. Versatility:

Spline shafts can be designed and manufactured to suit various application requirements. They can be customized in terms of size, shape, number of splines, and spline profile to match the specific needs of a mechanical system. This versatility makes spline shafts adaptable to a wide range of industries and applications.

8. Reduced Slippage and Backlash:

When properly designed and manufactured, spline shafts exhibit minimal slippage and backlash. The tight fit between the splines prevents significant axial or radial movement during torque transmission, resulting in improved efficiency and precision in mechanical systems.

In summary, the advantages of using spline shafts in mechanical systems include efficient torque transmission, accommodation of relative movement, load distribution, precise positioning and control, interchangeability, high power transmission capacity, versatility, and reduced slippage and backlash. These advantages make spline shafts a reliable and effective choice in various applications where power transfer, flexibility, and precise motion control are essential.

China Professional Spline Shaft for Reducer Gearbox  China Professional Spline Shaft for Reducer Gearbox
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China Milling Machine CNC Reducer Gearbox Transmission Main Spline Shaft Gears car drive shaft

Guarantee: 5 several years
Applicable Industries: Strength & Mining, Other
Bodyweight (KG): .3
Showroom Spot: None
Video outgoing-inspection: Offered
Equipment Check Report: Offered
Marketing and advertising Kind: New Item 2571
Warranty of main elements: 5 several years
Main Components: Bearing, Gearbox, Gear
Construction: Gear
Substance: steel, plastic, aluminum, metal, stainless metal
Merchandise Title: metallic spur equipment
Software: operating system
floor remedy: black coating, Motorbike rear sprocket 428H 36T for CD110 phosphorization
Measurement: m=.5 to m=8, Z≥6, 10mm≤ D≤500mm
Processing: CNC Machining
OEM: OEM Companies Offered
Standard or Nonstandard: Nonstandard Equipment Wheel
Colour: Necessity
Item: AL Metal Stainless steel Copper spur metallic gear wheel
Packaging Details: Every single laptop packed with rust-evidence paper and then with a mesh belt packaging. Then they are packed in cartons.Packing in wooden situations when it is essential
Port: XiaMen


itemMilling Machine CNC Reducer Gearbox Transmission Major Modest Pinion Spur Gears
Warranty1.5 years
Applicable IndustriesManufacturing Plant
Showroom AreaNone
Video outgoing-inspectionNot Available
Machinery Take a look at ReportNot Offered
Marketing KindNew Merchandise 2571
Warranty of core factors1 12 months
Core PartsGear
Place of OriginChina
Standard or NonstandardStandard
Tooth ProfileBevel Equipment
22.5 Diploma
Product Identifymetal spur gear
Applicationoperating system
Materialaluminum, steel, stainless metal
surface treatmentblack coating, phosphorization
Sizem=.5 to m=8, Z≥6, Manufacturing unit Immediate Sale Air Compressor Skillfully Designed Industrial Silent Air Compressor Oil-Less Air Compressor 10mm≤ D≤500mm
ProcessingCNC Machining
OEMOEM Services Provided
Standard or NonstandardNonstandard Gear Wheel
ItemAL Metal Stainless metal Copper spur metal gear wheel
Related Merchandise Merchandise Classes Company Profile Manufacturing unit Show Payment & Shipping FAQ Q : Can I get a sample? A: Of course, we can provide totally free samples for stock things. You just require to spend transport cost If it is a custom made product, there may possibly be CZPT charge occured. Q : How long for generation? A: We have numerous dimensions of inventory, we can ship out in 3-ten times for inventory things. Q : What is your payment time period? A: Payment phrase is usually thirty% TT in progress, Tailored Higher Aspect Hole Precision Stainless Steel Spline Shaft 70% by duplicate B/L. Q : Do you have QC ? A: Of course, we have QC crew who will inspect uncooked substance, each and every procedure in the course of production, goods measurement and mechanical residence, testing result will be loaded in laptop Q : Is the test report traceable? A: Yes, examination report for every batch is loaded in laptop with thorough report, we can get it out at any time. Q : Are you maker or Trader? Reducer Gearbox Transmission Udl Motor Speed Variator Equipment Pushed Jacks1 fifty Ratio Speed Reducer Gearbox A: We are a company. Home

What Are the Advantages of a Splined Shaft?

If you are looking for the right splined shaft for your machine, you should know a few important things. First, what type of material should be used? Stainless steel is usually the most appropriate choice, because of its ability to offer low noise and fatigue failure. Secondly, it can be machined using a slotting or shaping machine. Lastly, it will ensure smooth motion. So, what are the advantages of a splined shaft?
Stainless steel is the best material for splined shafts

When choosing a splined shaft, you should consider its hardness, quality, and finish. Stainless steel has superior corrosion and wear resistance. Carbon steel is another good material for splined shafts. Carbon steel has a shallow carbon content (about 1.7%), which makes it more malleable and helps ensure smooth motion. But if you’re not willing to spend the money on stainless steel, consider other options.
There are two main types of splines: parallel splines and crowned splines. Involute splines have parallel grooves and allow linear and rotary motion. Helical splines have involute teeth and are oriented at an angle. This type allows for many teeth on the shaft and minimizes the stress concentration in the stationary joint.
Large evenly spaced splines are widely used in hydraulic systems, drivetrains, and machine tools. They are typically made from carbon steel (CR10) and stainless steel (AISI 304). This material is durable and meets the requirements of ISO 14-B, formerly DIN 5463-B. Splined shafts are typically made of stainless steel or C45 steel, though there are many other materials available.
Stainless steel is the best material for a splined shaft. This metal is also incredibly affordable. In most cases, stainless steel is the best choice for these shafts because it offers the best corrosion resistance. There are many different types of splined shafts, and each one is suited for a particular application. There are also many different types of stainless steel, so choose stainless steel if you want the best quality.
For those looking for high-quality splined shafts, CZPT Spline Shafts offer many benefits. They can reduce costs, improve positional accuracy, and reduce friction. With the CZPT TFE coating, splined shafts can reduce energy and heat buildup, and extend the life of your products. And, they’re easy to install – all you need to do is install them.

They provide low noise, low wear and fatigue failure

The splines in a splined shaft are composed of two main parts: the spline root fillet and the spline relief. The spline root fillet is the most critical part, because fatigue failure starts there and propagates to the relief. The spline relief is more susceptible to fatigue failure because of its involute tooth shape, which offers a lower stress to the shaft and has a smaller area of contact.
The fatigue life of splined shafts is determined by measuring the S-N curve. This is also known as the Wohler curve, and it is the relationship between stress amplitude and number of cycles. It depends on the material, geometry and way of loading. It can be obtained from a physical test on a uniform material specimen under a constant amplitude load. Approximations for low-alloy steel parts can be made using a lower-alloy steel material.
Splined shafts provide low noise, minimal wear and fatigue failure. However, some mechanical transmission elements need to be removed from the shaft during assembly and manufacturing processes. The shafts must still be capable of relative axial movement for functional purposes. As such, good spline joints are essential to high-quality torque transmission, minimal backlash, and low noise. The major failure modes of spline shafts include fretting corrosion, tooth breakage, and fatigue failure.
The outer disc carrier spline is susceptible to tensile stress and fatigue failure. High customer demands for low noise and low wear and fatigue failure makes splined shafts an excellent choice. A fractured spline gear coupling was received for analysis. It was installed near the top of a filter shaft and inserted into the gearbox motor. The service history was unknown. The fractured spline gear coupling had longitudinally cracked and arrested at the termination of the spline gear teeth. The spline gear teeth also exhibited wear and deformation.
A new spline coupling method detects fault propagation in hollow cylindrical splined shafts. A spline coupling is fabricated using an AE method with the spline section unrolled into a metal plate of the same thickness as the cylinder wall. In addition, the spline coupling is misaligned, which puts significant concentration on the spline teeth. This further accelerates the rate of fretting fatigue and wear.
A spline joint should be lubricated after 25 hours of operation. Frequent lubrication can increase maintenance costs and cause downtime. Moreover, the lubricant may retain abrasive particles at the interfaces. In some cases, lubricants can even cause misalignment, leading to premature failure. So, the lubrication of a spline coupling is vital in ensuring proper functioning of the shaft.
The design of a spline coupling can be optimized to enhance its wear resistance and reliability. Surface treatments, loads, and rotation affect the friction properties of a spline coupling. In addition, a finite element method was developed to predict wear of a floating spline coupling. This method is feasible and provides a reliable basis for predicting the wear and fatigue life of a spline coupling.

They can be machined using a slotting or shaping machine

Machines can be used to shape splined shafts in a variety of industries. They are useful in many applications, including gearboxes, braking systems, and axles. A slotted shaft can be manipulated in several ways, including hobbling, broaching, and slotting. In addition to shaping, splines are also useful in reducing bar diameter.
When using a slotting or shaping machine, the workpiece is held against a pedestal that has a uniform thickness. The machine is equipped with a stand column and limiting column (Figure 1), each positioned perpendicular to the upper surface of the pedestal. The limiting column axis is located on the same line as the stand column. During the slotting or shaping process, the tool is fed in and out until the desired space is achieved.
One process involves cutting splines into a shaft. Straddle milling, spline shaping, and spline cutting are two common processes used to create splined shafts. Straddle milling involves a fixed indexing fixture that holds the shaft steady, while rotating milling cutters cut the groove in the length of the shaft. Several passes are required to ensure uniformity throughout the spline.
Splines are a type of gear. The ridges or teeth on the drive shaft mesh with grooves in the mating piece. A splined shaft allows the transmission of torque to a mate piece while maximizing the power transfer. Splines are used in heavy vehicles, construction, agriculture, and massive earthmoving machinery. Splines are used in virtually every type of rotary motion, from axles to transmission systems. They also offer better fatigue life and reliability.
Slotting or shaping machines can also be used to shape splined shafts. Slotting machines are often used to machine splined shafts, because it is easier to make them with these machines. Using a slotting or shaping machine can result in splined shafts of different sizes. It is important to follow a set of spline standards to ensure your parts are manufactured to the highest standards.
A milling machine is another option for producing splined shafts. A spline shaft can be set up between two centers in an indexing fixture. Two side milling cutters are mounted on an arbor and a spacer and shims are inserted between them. The arbor and cutters are then mounted to a milling machine spindle. To make sure the cutters center themselves over the splined shaft, an adjustment must be made to the spindle of the machine.
The machining process is very different for internal and external splines. External splines can be broached, shaped, milled, or hobbed, while internal splines cannot. These machines use hard alloy, but they are not as good for internal splines. A machine with a slotting mechanism is necessary for these operations.

China Milling Machine CNC Reducer Gearbox Transmission Main Spline Shaft Gears     car drive shaft	China Milling Machine CNC Reducer Gearbox Transmission Main Spline Shaft Gears     car drive shaft
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China OEM Factory Machining Spline Gear Shaft for Ships / Automobiles / Gearbox / Reducer with ce certificate top quality Good price

Item Description

Gravity die-casting
Gravity die casting
one. CZPT mould
2. Die casting
three. CZPT (trim, grind, drill)
four. Area treatment( anodize, chrome-plated)

Gravity die casting
Technological processed: CZPT mould— die casting —-casting (trim, grind, drill) —surface area treatment

Gravity die casting depth:
one. Substance: CZPT (A380, A360, ADC12, ADC10) in accordance to JISH5302: 2006 &ASTM
2. Procedure: Trim grind, drill, CNC
three. Floor therapy: Shot blashing, sandblasting or portray, anodize, electroplating, chrome-plated or all for every CZPT ers’ prerequisite
Gravity die casting layout & mildew manufacture
2. Use the software program: CZPT CAD, RPO/Engineer, Solidwork, UG
3. Mildew design
4. Trial the mold
five. CZPT : EDM, CNC, Grinding CZPT , Milling CZPT , Tuning CZPT , Wire Cutting CZPT , Picture Engraving, CZPT Milling, Welder

Merchandise description
kind Aluminum die casting
Zinc die casting
Magnesium die casting
manufature HangZhouxinlong tongda trade co., ltd
tools Cold  chamber die casting machine
Equipment capability 100T-800T
procedure Tooling generating: 20-30days tooling leadtime
Casting: eliminate all burrs & sharp edges
Machinng: CNC maching, milling, drilling, trimming, cutter, griding, wire cutter and so forth
Area treatment: shot blasting, sand blasting
Sprucing, powder coating, portray, , polishing, powder coating, chrome plating, nickel plating, passivating
Good quality handle initial checked after forged from die casting equipment CZPT checked by the warehouse people 3rd checked soon after machining and surface area end. We check piece by piece each and every time
bundle inner packing: PE bag or air bubble bag outer packing: double corrugated carton as for each CZPT ers’ requirment
edge OEM services offered
Send us you RFQ in specifics!   We generate strictly in accordance to CZPT er’ s layout and machining ask for.

Inner yokes – there are two, at every single finish of the PTO shaft – tractor and employ. This is soldered to the driver’s stop. Cardan Joints – There are two, positioned on each end of the PTO shaft. Outer Yokes – There are two, found on each ends of the PTO shaft. It has a “Y” connection to u and a feminine hole. Safety Chains – Chains are employed to secure PTO shafts to gear and tractors. Safety Guards – These cones are positioned at each ends.

OEM 6 volt dc motor low rpm wholesaler made in China – replacement parts – in Maturin Venezuela Wholesale Turning Parts Investment Casting Mini Transmission Reducer Planetary Gearbox with top quality

OEM 6 volt dc motor lower rpm wholesaler  manufactured in China - replacement parts -  in Maturin Venezuela   Wholesale Turning Components Investment decision Casting Mini Transmission Reducer Planetary Gearbox with top top quality

We – EPG Group the most significant worm gearbox, couplings and gears manufacturing facility in China with 5 different branches. For far more specifics: Cellular/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086~13083988828 13858117778083988828 /

OEM Wholesale Turning Components Expenditure Casting Mini Transmission Reducer/Planetary Gearbox

 Primary Aggressive Rewards
• Professional equipment company
• Encounter in Cooperate with Fortune 500 Companies
• Expert Engineering Ability
• Steady Quality
• Affordable Price tag
• Small Orders Accepted
• Constant Improvements
• Higher Product Performance
• Prompt Supply
• Expert Provider

Our Main Item
one. Spur Equipment
two. Planetary Equipment
three. Metal Gears Small
four. Gear Wheel
five. Ring Equipment
6. Gear Shaft
7. Helical Equipment
8. Pinion Equipment
9. Spline Shaft
ten. V Belt Pulley

 Product Specifications

Materials Alloy Steel Casting Steel Weldment Gray solid iron Ductile Iron
20CrMnTi HT200 QT400-eighteen
20CrMnMo HT250 QT400-15
20 CrMo                                      
34 CrNiMo6
45 C
Modulus 1-50mm
Accuracy DIN Course 4, ISO/GB Course 4, AGMA Course thirteen, JIS Class
Heat therapy Quenching and tempering, gear enamel induction quenching, nitriding, carburization
Application Wind turbine,locomotive,feeding equipment,metallurgy equipment,mining machinery
Gear shaft length 2500mm max.
Weight 15 tons max.

Capabilities of Gears/ Splines

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Item Internal Gears and Interior Splines External Gears and Exterior Splines
Milled Shaped Ground Hobbed Milled Ground
Max O.D. 2500 mm
Min I.D.(mm) 30 320 20
Max Confront Width(mm) 500 1480
Max DP 1 .five 1 .5
Max Module(mm) 26 45 26 45
AGMA/ DIN Degree DIN Class 8 DIN Class 4 DIN Class eight DIN Class 4
Tooth Complete Ra 3.2 Ra .6 Ra 3.2 Ra .6
Max Helix Angle 22.five 45
Material  Carbon Metal  SAE1571, SAE1045, Cr12, 40Cr, Y15Pb, 1214Letc
   Alloy Steel  20CrMnTi, 16MnCr5, 20CrMnMo, 41CrMo, 17CrNiMo5etc
   Brass/Bronze  HPb59-1, H70, CuZn39Pb2, CuZn40Pb2, C38000, CuZn40etc
 Machining Method  Gear Hobbing, Equipment Milling, Gear Shaping, Equipment Broaching,
 Gear Shaving, Equipment Grinding and Gear Lapping
 Modules  1., 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, 2., 2.25, 2.5….8. and so on
 Tolerance Control  Outer Diameter  ±0.005 mm
   Length Dimension  ±0.05 mm
 Teeth Precision  DIN Class 4, ISO/GB Course 4, AGMA Class thirteen, JIS Class
 Heat Remedy  Quenching & Tempering, Carburizing & Quenching, Higher-frequency Hardening, Carbonitriding……
 Surface Remedy  Blacking, Sprucing, Anodization, Chrome Plating, Zinc Plating, Nickel Plating……
Weight Max 15Tons

 * Good overall flexibility
* Non-toxic and recycling resources
* Eco-pleasant
* Higher and reduced temperature resistance
* Outside use of UV-cost-free, ozone, water and the adverse consequences of chemical substances.
* Weather conditions resistance, chemical corrosion
* Superb Skid resistance and waterproof
* Superb top quality and realistic price
* Personalize accepted, any dimension, color, condition, and thickness are offered

– Goods with Customers’ Patterns
– Powerful Machining & Heat Therapy Abilities
– Rigorous High quality Management
– Prompt Shipping
-Knowledge in Cooperation with Fortune 500 Organizations
1. Substantial power and stiffness
two. Substantial effect and notch effect strength
3. Substantial heat deflection temperature
four. Great at dampening
five. Great abrasion resistance
six. Lower coefficient of friction
seven. Excellent chemical security in opposition to organic solvents and fuels
8. Exceptional electrical homes, simplicity of printing and dyeing
9. Meals secure, sound reduction
Normalizing & Tempering
Evidence Machining
Warmth treatment
End Machining (Enamel Grinding)
We can offer you you in a variety of approach circumstances
Remedies for A lot of End Markets and Apps
–Energy Generation
–Sugar Producing
–Cement Plant
–Port Equipment
–Oil and natural
–OEM equipment case
–Basic Industrial

1. Q: Why decide on ept merchandise?
     A: We ept have our own plant– HangZhou ept machinery Co.,Ltd, consequently, we can definitely assure the high quality of each item and provide you comparable value.
two. Q: Do you offer OEM Services?
     A: Indeed, we provide OEM Services.
3.  Q: Do you supply custom-made gearbox?
      A: Sure. Clients give us drawings and specs, and we will manufact accordingly.
four. Q: What is your payment expression?
     A: We provide sorts of payment terms this sort of as L/C, T/T, Paypal, Escrow, and many others.
Custom-made Quenched Metal Forging/Machining Bevel/Sprocket/Planetary/Spur/Helical/Transmission Gear for Gearbox

If there is certainly everything I can aid, make sure you come to feel totally free to speak to with me.


/ The use of unique gear manufacturer’s (OEM) element numbers or emblems , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference purposes only and for indicating solution use and compatibility. Our company and the outlined alternative components contained herein are not sponsored, approved, or produced by the OEM. /

OEM 6 volt dc motor reduced rpm wholesaler  made in China - substitution components -  in Maturin Venezuela   Wholesale Turning Components Expense Casting Mini Transmission Reducer Planetary Gearbox with top quality

OEM 6 volt dc motor minimal rpm wholesaler  produced in China - replacement parts -  in Maturin Venezuela   Wholesale Turning Elements Expenditure Casting Mini Transmission Reducer Planetary Gearbox with top quality