China OEM High Precision Rotating Series Rotate The Spline Curve Nut Rotary Ball Screw Spline Shaft with ce certificate top quality Good price

Solution Description

Product description
The spline is a sort of linear movement method. When spline motions along the precision floor Shaft by balls, the torque is transferred. The spline has compact framework. It can transfer the More than load and motive CZPT . It has CZPT er life time. At existing the manufacturing unit manufacture two kinds of spline, specifically convex spline and concave spline. Typically the convex spline can consider larger radial load and torque than concave spline.

Product name Ball spline
Dia 15mm-150mm
Materials Bearing Steel
Precision Course Normal/ CZPT / Exact
Package Plastic bag, box, carton
MOQ 1pc

Ball kind:φ16-φ250
Large pace , substantial precision
Large load , CZPT lifestyle
Adaptable motion,reduced power intake
Higher motion velocity
Heavy load and CZPT services existence
Applicationgs:semiconductor gear,tire equipment,monocrystalline silicon furnace,health care rehabilitation equipment

Business profile

HangZhou YIGONG has a full overall performance laboratory of rolling functional factors, large-pace ball screw pair 60m/min working sounds 70dB, high-pace rolling linear guidebook pair 60m/min working noise 68dB, for precision horizontal machining centre batch matching ball screw pair, rolling guide pair, to accomplish each axis CZPT shifting speed 40m/min, positioning precision .002mm, recurring positioning precision .001mm. Our equipments import from Japan and Germany and so on.


Why decide on AZI CZPT ?
With a lot more than 60 several years of generation expertise, good quality assurance,manufacturing unit right price.

How can I get a sample to examine the good quality?
We estimate in accordance to your drawing, the price is appropriate, indication the sample list.
What is your main products ? 
Our Major goods are consist of ball screw,linear information,arc linear manual,ball spline and ball screw linear manual rail module.


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