China Dana (53-400) (3-53-1371) (3-53-201) / Mecpar (PT-1016) Spline Shafts with ce certificate top quality Good price

Merchandise Description

Procue the drive shafts, cardan shafts, and parts

STAHL Other number
HFL623 01-379C
HFL622 01-336
HLV629 3104Z
HTM621 04-915-1
HTM622 04-895-1
HGF631 GR1338
HTM609 04-898-1
HTM624 90-4-eleven-1
HTM628 90-4-311-one
HTM635 FL1096
HTM630 FL1098
HTM631 FL1097
HTM627 04-360C
HFL624 AT1353
HFL628 AT1349
HFL629 GR1434
HLV630 LV1253
HLV631 LV1251
HPT625 PT1432
HPT639 PT1433
HTM629 FL1381
HTM620 FL1082
HTM623 S-323
THM625 FL1379
HTM626 FL1473
HTM632 FL1371
HGF602 two-2-1697
HGF603 three-28-537
HGF613 2-28-357
HGF614 ninety-26-27
HLV609 two-3-14501KX
HPT619 three-fifty three-1371
HPT620 three-fifty three-1361

To determine the sort, you want to appear at the condition of the axis. No matter of the kind, the front axle is the identical as the countershaft. Nevertheless, the front axle is bigger to allow the intermediate shaft to in shape inside. In this way, the particles can collapse like a telescope for the duration of its motion. The domestic shaft will be 1 of 4 styles – round, rectangular, sq., or splined. Metric shafts can be a star, bell, or soccer.