China Pto Shaft Agricultural Driveline Spline Pto Shaft Transmission for Tractor Parts Drive Propeller Shaft with ce certificate top quality Good price

Product Description

PTO shaft

The CZPT just take-off (PTO) is a innovative mechanism, making it possible for implements to attract strength from the motor and transmit it to one more application. It performs as a mechanical gearbox which can be mounted on the vehicle’s transmission.

The CZPT consider-off shaft (PTO shaft) is a essential component, designed and made for continuous weighty-responsibility use. A great PTO shaft should be robust enough to bear the torsion and shear anxiety and decrease vibration.

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Model Number

05(Push Pin)+RA2(Overrunning Clutch)


Electrical power transmission


Tractors and CZPT farm implements

Yoke Type

push pin/fast launch/ball attachment/collar/double push pin/bolt pins/split pins

Processing Of Yoke


Plastic Protect






Tube Variety


Processing Of Tube

Chilly drawn

Spline Variety

1 3/8″ Z6 1 3/8 Z21 1 3/4 Z201 1/8 Z6 1 3/4 Z6 8*42*forty eight*8 8*32*38*6




To discover the sort, you need to appear at the form of the axis. No matter of the kind, the front axle is the very same as the countershaft. Nevertheless, the entrance axle is greater to permit the intermediate shaft to suit within. In this way, the particles can collapse like a telescope during its movement. The domestic shaft will be 1 of four styles – round, rectangular, sq., or splined. Metric shafts can be a star, bell, or soccer.