China Spline Shafts with ce certificate top quality Good price

Product Description

Component NO. Reference No. No. of Enamel Ø A (mm) Ø B (mm) C (mm) Ø D (mm) E (mm) Ø F (mm) Pipe (mm) ROTATING Ø  (mm) 
three-40-1901 HPT601 sixteen Ø 30,70 Ø 38,00 67,00 Ø 31,sixty 164,00 Ø 72,thirty Ø 76,20 X 2,10 Ø 76,twenty
4-40-761 HPT606 16 Ø 35,00 Ø 44,forty eighty four,00 Ø 35,80 174,fifty Ø 84,thirty Ø 88,ninety X 2,40 Ø 88,ninety
five-forty-1051 RPT607 16 Ø 39,00 Ø fifty,eighty a hundred and fifteen,00 Ø 41,30 251,00 Ø ninety five,00 Ø 101,60 X 3,forty Ø 101,60
six-forty-621 RPT608 16 Ø fifty,50 Ø 63,40 102,00 Ø fifty two,forty 272,00 Ø 107,eighty Ø 114,30 X 3,forty Ø 114,thirty
6.5-forty-191 HPT609 16 Ø fifty nine,50 Ø 76,20 114,00 Ø 64,ten 289,00 Ø 107,eighty Ø 114,thirty X 3,40 Ø 114,thirty
eight-40-one hundred and one HPT610 sixteen Ø fifty nine,50 Ø 76,20 114,00 Ø 64,ten 294,00 Ø a hundred and one,70 Ø 114,30 X 6,50 Ø 114,thirty
forty-1723 HPT611 16 Ø 47,20 Ø 62,00 126,00 Ø fifty one,80 263,00 Ø 85,40 Ø ninety five,00 X 5,00 Ø 95,00
3-40-1571 HPT614 sixteen Ø 31,00 Ø 39,90 seventy five,00 Ø 33,10 173,00 Ø eighty four,ninety Ø 88,ninety X 2,ten Ø 88,ninety
40-1722 HPT615 sixteen Ø 39,00 Ø 50,eighty 105,thirty Ø forty three,00 238,00 Ø eighty one,twenty Ø 88,ninety X 4,00 Ø 88,ninety
40-1481 HPT623 sixteen Ø twenty five,eighty Ø 31,70 fifty six,00 Ø twenty five,50 126,00 Ø 46,80 Ø 50,80 X 2,10 Ø fifty,eighty
40-1481 RPT623 sixteen Ø 25,80 Ø 31,70 fifty six,00 Ø 25,fifty 126,00 Ø forty six,80 Ø 50,eighty X 2,10 Ø fifty,eighty
90-40-11 RPT624 thirty Ø 45,00 Ø 49,twenty one zero one,00 Ø forty three,50 257,50 Ø ninety five,00 Ø one hundred and one,sixty X 3,40 Ø 101,60
6302 HPT627 twenty Ø 29,sixty Ø 33,thirty ninety four,00 Ø 29,thirty 153,00 Ø fifty three,60 Ø 60,00 X 3,00 Ø sixty,00
two-forty-2271 HPT628 27 Ø 26,ninety Ø 27,60 fifty one,fifty Ø 25,fifty 132,50 Ø forty seven,eighty Ø fifty,eighty X 1,sixty five Ø 50,eighty
two-40-1521 HPT637 16 Ø 27,30 Ø 34,90 61,00 Ø 29,40 164,00 Ø 72,thirty Ø 76,20 X 2,10 Ø seventy six,20


Developed for adjustable (cut size) capacity. Interchangeability to fit most competitor types. Accessible in splined and square shaft profiles. Simple lock defense composition that can be assembled or disassembled speedily and easily with basic instruments this kind of as keys, cash or screwdrivers. The Extended Lubrication Digital Package reduces downtime with fifty-250 hour lubrication intervals and a high temperature triple lip seal for greater grease retention. Give expert engineering and product sales assist to clients.