China Power Steering Pump Splined Shafts/Spline Shafts with ce certificate top quality Good price

Solution Description

We are professional CZPT steering pump Splined Shafts&comma CZPT steering pump Spline Shafts factory from CZPT
Our CZPT steering pump Spline shafts are machined in various supplies these kinds of as alloy steel&comma aluminum&comma stainless metal&comma bronze&comma forged iron&comma tool steel&comma Inconel&comma Monel&comma titanium & Hastelloy&period of time

Abilities include the capability to hob&comma crown hob&comma cnc hob&comma skive hob or spline roll types on shaft od’s&period of time Common spline kinds consists of involute splines&comma spur gears&comma tapered splines&comma tapered root splines&comma straight sided splines&comma and specific indexed kinds on shafts&comma cylinders&comma and tubes&period of time
We can hob diametral pitches up to 4DP &lpar6&period35 MOD&rpar on parts with flanges up to 18″ &lpar457mm&rpar in diameter&comma and up to 185″ &lpar4700mm&rpar in size&period
You should send out us the drawing of CZPT steering pump Splined Shafts&comma CZPT steering pump Spline Shafts&comma that you want&comma we are happy to quotation the very best value for your aspect
Heat treatment&colon
Normalized &sol Annealed &sol Quenched &sol tempered
Surface Treatment&colon
painting&commaplating&commapolishing&commablack oxide&commatransparent anti-rust oil
Quality control&colon
UT&commaMT&commaRT&commaPT&commachemical composition test&commamechanical property test&commaetc&period
one&comma Raw material certificate&lparmaterial chemical composition&rpar 2&comma Heat treatment sheet report
3&comma Dimension inspection report      4&comma UT test report 
Delivery condition&colon
Hot forged &plusRough machined &lparblack surface after Q &solT&rpar&plus Turned 
Competitive Advantage&colon
Quality control and management to the whole produce process&comma including ingot smelting&comma forging&comma heat treatment&comma machining and strictly final inspection prior to delivery&time period
Excellent product quality and service&comma competitive price&comma “in-time” delivery


Capability Quantity
3600Thydraulic press Max&period single forging in 18T 1
2000T hydraulic press Max&period single forging in 9T two
800 hydraulic press Max&period single forging in 5T one
6T electrical hydraulic hammer Max&periodsingle forging in 5T 1
3T electrical hydraulic hammer Max&periodsingle forging in3T 1
Air hammer Max&periodsingle forging from250kg to 1000kg seven
Forging operation machine Max&periodsinge forging from20T-5T 7
Heat treatment Furance Max&period8000&ast5000&ast1500mm eleven
CNC driling machine Max&period5000mm 2
Vertical lathe From 1600 to 5000mm sixty
Horizontal lathe Max&period5000mm 70
Band sawing machine 260-1300mm 36

Safer and a lot more compact to use: The PTO expansion shaft is totally analyzed, compact and can be changed immediately with no any hassle, producing it an productive energy transfer device. Basic safety chains and plastic shields safeguard against possible hazards throughout transport.