China China Light Duty Universal Drive Joint Shaft with Spline with ce certificate top quality Good price

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CZPT CZPT Obligation CZPT push joint shaft with spline

Universal CZPT Shafts for CZPT Programs&comma frequently recognized as cardan shafts&time period It is 1 of the most widely utilized transmission parts&interval The SWC kind cardan shaft is the most CZPT shaft sequence composition is compact&comma the most CZPT ful&comma the carrying potential of the highest reliability product&time period
Our organization has accrued wealthy expertise in ten several years of cardan shaft in the production process and absorbing international CZPT d technologies and use&comma has carried on the numerous enhancements to SWC variety cardan shaft&comma which is progressively excellent composition&comma efficiency is substantially enhanced&comma visual appeal is far more stunning&period
Business on the basis of the CZPT shaft normal JB5513-2006 sort elevated SWCD brief collection&comma even more satisfy the demand of the diversification of CZPT ers&interval The male Division organization perception&colon “persistent innovation&comma optimization of construction&comma” a high high quality of cardan shaft creation enterprises&interval We always adhere to the ISO9001 high quality technique to handle the quality&comma manufacturing process&comma from the perspective of the element specification&comma and implements the processing equipment “aircraft&comma nc” so that my organization SWC sort cardan shaft rapidly improce item high quality&comma not only gained the general CZPT ers the phrase of mouth&comma at the same time also won CZPT shaft of peer recognition&time period Our cardan shaft is not only service for domestic large and medium-sized enterprises&comma reduce the manufacturing cost for them&semi We can quite great
provider to all in excess of the globe&time period


Tc Constant Torque
Te Endurance Torque
Ts Static Torque
Tp Peak Torque
SF Normal Flange
SLF Specific Large Flange


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Torque Rankings Dimensional Info CAD Documents
Tcs Te Ts Tc Beta
1310 Nm 2169 1480 1085 631 20 degrees 2nd
1310 ft-lb 1600 1100 800 466 twenty degrees 2d
1350 Nm 3064 2100 1681 958 twenty levels 2nd
1350 ft-lb 2260 1580 1240 707 20 degrees 2d
1410 Nm 3661 2100 2034 1154 twenty levels Second
1410 ft-lb 2700 1580 1500 851 20 degrees 2d
1480 Nm 9515 2400 2712 1517 22 levels Second
1480 ft-lb 3330 1800 2000 1119 22 degrees Second
1550 Nm 5966 3100 3254 1900 22 degrees Second
1550 ft-lb 4400 2280 2400 1401 22 levels Second
1610 Nm 8814 4670 4949 3200 26 degrees 2d
1660 ft-lb 6500 3450 3650 2360 26 degrees 2d
1710 Nm 10847 6200 6508 4306 22 levels 2nd
1710 ft-lb 8000 4570 4800 3176 22 levels 2d
1810 Nm 16271 7900 8814 5620 thirty degrees 2d
1810 ft-lb 12000 5850 6500 4144 30 levels 2d
1880 Nm 21695 14050 12068 6565 22 levels 2nd
1880 ft-lb 16000 10380 8900 4842 22 degrees Second

Inner yokes – there are two, at every single finish of the PTO shaft – tractor and implement. This is soldered to the driver’s end. Cardan Joints – There are two, situated on every end of the PTO shaft. Outer Yokes – There are two, found on each finishes of the PTO shaft. It has a “Y” relationship to u and a woman gap. Security Chains – Chains are used to protected PTO shafts to tools and tractors. Protection Guards – These cones are located at equally ends.